Philadelphia Folk Festival spotlight: The Mavericks mix it up in between Americana and rock ‘n’ roll

“I think, in many ways, things are a lot cooler now. Back in the day, I can say there was more tangible success. There were awards and you were invited to the big party so to speak, but … we are still very appreciated and I think people really dig the band. .” he said. “We certainly have a great relationship with our label and I think that is indicative of the relationships we have in Nashville. That’s the one that’s allowed The Mavericks to make a record in mono, put out vinyl and do whatever we want to do at this stage of the game. We can pretty much do what we want to do because people think, ‘Oh, it’s The Mavericks.’ Whereas before, they’d have to have meetings as to whether or not I was wearing a hat or not. Jesus Christ, that’s what you guys are having a meeting about? But that’s the game and that’s all right. In many ways, I think it’s cooler now.”

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